Must Be Able to See

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Outside of the calamities, ie emergencies that popped up, I still think I’m doing pretty good at sticking to my No Spend Months. I mentioned that in addition to my heat failing, my glasses broke. And I cannot function without them. There is no waiting for new glasses because I can’t see without them.

They literally just fell apart a couple of days after I was let go from my part time accounting job. I tried to stay hopeful that I could super glue them or the eye place could reattach one of the “stems” (I don’t know if that’s the right term but it seems to fit) with a screw. And I walked into the eye glass place with that hope.

She took one look and said, there is no way to fix these. I about broke into tears. Because I knew that I couldn’t afford new ones.

Prescriptions Expire

On top of that, my last eye exam was more than 2 years ago. Even if I could afford new glasses, I would also have to get an exam because they cannot use a prescription that old. And, of course, with no full time job for a year, I have no benefits to help.

She saw my distress. And jumped to help.

She found the same frames that I currently had on the “try on” wall, albeit a different color, and said that I could just buy the frame. They would then take my lenses and just put them in that demo frame. I broke out in tears.

For $150, I got new glasses. They had to keep them overnight because she had to heat them up or something to get the lenses in. But the next morning, I was able to pick them up. And could see the world again…

For the Future

Once I have income again, I am going to make it a priority to get a new eye exam. I know you used to be able to get one at Walmart for $67. I imagine it has gone up a bit.



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