Hope’s Debt Update – June, 2024

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Boy, lifestyle creep is a real thing. But I am recognizing my proclivity to become more relaxed with my finances as I get more and more caught up. And I am NOT going to let up.

This time last year, we were making it on less than $2,000 per month, barely making it. And here I am making almost 4 times that and somehow, getting to the end of the month feeling a bit desperate. Yup, lifestyle creep is happening. And it’s got to stop now!

This month, I return some of my focus to saving more intensely. As of June 1, 10% of every bit of income is going directly into savings. I am paying myself first. I’ve been so focused on digging out and catching up, that I have failed completely to save. That stops now.


Regular and focused savings: 10% of every income.
Payoff personal loan debt.
Make sure Princess senior year is paid for.
Regular and significant payments to CC debt.

Before you jump down my throat about #3. I will explain in the next post. But there are this month’s debt numbers.

Debt Update

Debt DescriptionOctober, 2023 TotalInterest RateMinimum PaymentCurrent Total Payoff Date (Est)

Personal Loan #1$2,5000%$500 (beg April)$500July, 2024

Personal Loan #2$2,5000%$500 (beg April)$1,000August, 2024

CC – Wander$1,63029.24%$75$1,418September, 2024

Dad – New Furnace$2,6000%$500 (beg July)$2,600
December, 2024

CC – Amazon$1,49729.99%$48$1,433August, 2024

CC – Frontier$3,85729.99%$131$3,618

CC – USAA$5,00019.15%$135$3,274

Car Loan$19,58112.69%Gymnast Pays$15,532

Student Loans$22,1212.875%In Deferrment$22,602

CC – Apple**$500Paid off every month$0

CC – AMEX$89429.24%$0$0Mar, 2024

CC – Sams$1,10629.99%$0$0April, 2024


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