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Money-saving Strategies

Summer Plans

On the island of Capri I remember teaching a night class at a community college while I was still a graduate student finishing up my PhD over a decade ago. This class was full of working adults – a room full of post-traditional learners,

Then there were 3

My dogs… Well, they’ve been a constant bone of contention both here on BAD and in my real life. And I can openly admit that I’ve taken the “rescuing” too far. We are not going to dive into the psychology of that statement here, but know

No Self Control – Have to Do Something Different

I failed last month. And I’ve failed even more this month. I was so, so close to paying off my Amazon CC. And then I maxed it out again. I’ve got to do something different. I had my Amazon CC down to $750 last month, had paid off half of

Let the Summer of Focus Begin

The coming months stretch out before me – no adventures planned. A focus on work, my home, and my finances. All the kids have stable work, chasing their dreams. Two of the dogs should be moving in with different kids next month, taking me

Shelf-Eating Challenge

It’s officially summer over here! My kids’ last day of school was last week, and my own work slows way down over the summer. As a result, summer is a great time for us to tackle new projects or to take up a new challenge. That’s exactly

Take the Trip Again

Many of you who have been following my journey know that my mom has been on hospice care for almost two years now. In fact, two years ago, they told me to come immediately and say goodbye. They didn’t expect her to last much longer.

Growing Food in Full Force

We began transplanting our veggies, fruits, and herbs into our raised beds this weekend. And I am so freaking excited. We have 5 standing beds in the backyard, meaning the dogs cannot reach them. We have one of these 24″ high beds

Seriously, again…Appliance Headaches

And just when things are running along smoothly, something breaks. This time it’s my washing machine. Evidently the sensor on my lid is broken so the washing machine doesn’t recognize that it’s closed and therefore, will not wash clothes.

Garage Sale Wins

I am not a garage sale girl. But after my neighbor across the street died, his grand-daughter has been trying to slowly clean out the house. So I ambled over to chat one afternoon. I had been in his house plenty of times as we were helping

Family Size – Really?

For the last 5-6 months, I have really been limited in what I ate. What I purchased. I’ve lived on sandwiches, eggs, bacon, and some fruit and veggies. This is not a complaint at all. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my food. Chosen it as my staples