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(Pre)Teen Birthdays

My twin girls just turned 12 and we had what may be the most low-key, relaxed birthday to date. And I love it so much! But let me back up a bit. Birthdays of yesteryear…. As far as birthdays go, we’ve never been huge, extravagant birthday

Saving Money on Dog Food

I’ve removed social media from my phone. I found myself just spending way to much time scrolling. And I have plenty of other things to do around here. But I’m still on it 3-4 times a week for work. And it was during this time, I saw an

Making sure Princess Senior Year is Covered

I’m sure many of the BAD followers slapped their foreheads and cringed when they read that I had prioritized helping Princess with her senior year of college. I know, I know. But I have too. I have to help her. A little back story When

Hope’s Debt Update – June, 2024

Boy, lifestyle creep is a real thing. But I am recognizing my proclivity to become more relaxed with my finances as I get more and more caught up. And I am NOT going to let up. This time last year, we were making it on less than $2,000 per

The Cost of Living in a City

I spent a full day last week apartment shopping with Princess. Holy Cow! It’s absolutely crazy the cost of rentals. From heart of the city in Atlanta to suburbs 20-30 miles out of the city, there were little to no options under $1,500 per

Summer Plans

On the island of Capri I remember teaching a night class at a community college while I was still a graduate student finishing up my PhD over a decade ago. This class was full of working adults – a room full of post-traditional learners,

Then there were 3

My dogs… Well, they’ve been a constant bone of contention both here on BAD and in my real life. And I can openly admit that I’ve taken the “rescuing” too far. We are not going to dive into the psychology of that statement here, but know