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Hope’s Planned Spending – August, 2024

I am working on creating a traditional budget. However, the forecast I use, really works for me so I thought I would share next month’s forecast so you can see what I do. Here is my planned spending and income for August, 2024.

Hope’s Debt Update – July, 2024

It’s funny. I’ve been preaching to my teams at work for years about slowing down and being more deliberate in your actions. Focus on what you are doing and do it right, the first time. It truly does make a difference especially when you’ve

Shopping for Shoes but Nope

Last night, Beauty and I drove to the outlets about an hour from us. The intention was to find me some good, supportive non-slip work shoes for my part time job at the fast food restaurant. I have two pairs that they provided for me.

Diversifying Income

I just recently returned from a trip to Austin where we visited with family over the Independence Day holiday. It was lovely to see so much extended family all in one trip! My family and my ex’s family (my kids’ father) all live in and

Habit Stacking for Finance

Some of the creators (bloggers as I’ve mostly gotten off social media personally) have recently begun starting or trying to start new routines in their lives. Many are for health benefits, some for work schedules, and I had the idea that