Our summer car kit! The tools we need to rock our summer. (Tips for busy moms series!)

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What do you need to rock your summer?? Today I am sharing a few things I keep in my car to make our summer days smoother!

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As a mom of 4, I never know what my day will hold.

A few years ago I decided to keep a summer car kit in my van. This is great for things I have forgotten to pack OR for spur-of-the-moment summer activities. 

I keep a medium size totes container in my bag packed and ready to go with the following. 

A beach/picnic blanket this one is heat resistant and folds up to be so tiny.

Hand wipes

Soap sheets for those sketchy park bathrooms

Rashguards and swim shorts 

Swim diapers


Sidewalk chalk

A small first aid kids with LOTS of bandaids


A wet bag or plastic grocery bag for wet clothes

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