Hope’s Debt – October, 2023

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Debt DescriptionCurrent Total

CC – Frontier3,857

CC – USAA5,000

CC – AMEX894

CC – Apple500

CC – Amazon1,497

CC – Sams1,106

CC – Wander1,630

Car Loan19,581

Student Loans22,121

Personal Loan #12,500

Personal Loan #22,500


That’s it. That’s where I’m at right now.

I’m plenty ashamed of how far I’ve back tracked so no need to rub it in. And as soon as I get a job I will be on it.

But for now I am borrowing from peter to pay paul at every turn.


Credit card, credit card, credit card – those are pretty self explanatory. I’ve been using them to keep afloat since the beginning of the year.Four of them are new cards as of this year. Two of them I’ve cut up and am just making the minimum payments. None have late payments. But I am just paying the minimum, and then often using whatever credit is available.

Car – this debt/payment will go away come January when Gymnast takes it over. We are reviewing the options of refinancing it into his name versus him just making the payments and leaving it in my name. I’d like option #1.

Student Loans – have been in deferment for most of the year and will be at least through December. Payment will be $306 per month.

Personal Loans – both taken out in September, 2023 from a friend and a family member. In both cases, there may be the option to work them off. At the time of the loans, I asked for a 6 month term to pay off.

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