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Preparing for interview #1 at the fast food restaurant made me realize just how much I have changed. I was excited. But not nervous. And felt no shame at the possibility of working fast food again. (In fact, it’s full circle, I interviewed with the chain where I had my first job at 15 years old. Obviously, not the same location but…)

I approached this interview as I would any professional job interview and considered it my responsibility to interview them as much as they were interviewing me. It went great and the job is exactly what I hoped it would be. Yeah!

And today, I have a second and final interview with them.


It’s a new role they are creating. It will not require me to be behind a register in a busy restaurant. And no, I am not opposed to that because of my pride or any other reason. But with my hearing loss, I really struggle to hear in loud, noisy places. And it continues to get worse. I would not do well working a register in a busy, loud environment. Just facts. I did mention that to them so that all my cards were laid on the table.

Details of the Job

The pay is $13 per hour, no uniform required (although I was not opposed to that to save the frustration of figuring out how to dress,) and the hours while not flexible per se, they will be determined by the jobs that come in so I will control my own schedule in a sense versus having set hours I have to be in the store. Seriously couldn’t ask for a better fit to accommodate everything else I currently have going. And it will put me around people for a change.

I will know better after today’s interview if I might expect an offer, but I am excited about the possibility, and think this would be a great addition to my current “jobs.” He says he is looking for someone to start within the next month so it doesn’t look like it will interfere with my family time at Christmas, and if I do start before then, the intrusion would be minimal so I’m open to it.

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