Inspiration Hitting – Road Trip Version

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We drove through the night, made much better time than I expected and arrived in Houston at 9:45am. Thank God for wonderful hotel staff at the Hyatt Place. They let us check in immediately. We showered and crashed.

I had ALOT of thinking time. And, of course, traveling is my happy place. I have been struggling since last fall with what is next for me. And a dream picture is starting to form…

I say dream picture because while it may be something I want, it is not something easily attainable. And it is an idea still forming.

Life After Kids Inspiration

Here’s what is inspiring it…

1. Travel – I love travel, I’ve always loved travel. And seeing all the people living in their cars and such. I really think I could do that and be very happy. At least part year.

2. Big City Exploring – there is just so much I still want to see and do. Getting into Houston and then hitting the streets was so fun. All the murals on the walls, restaurants and converted buildings. I just want to explore and document.

3. Freedom – my personal website that I’m playing with is because that is what I want and always have wanted, just free to go, see, do.

I don’t know how all of this works together. But some ideas are definitely percolating for what life could look like next. I guess the big thing would be to create a plan, focus on really getting debt free, and seeing if this dream life could possibly be some sort of reality.

We all realize I tend to do things a bit backwards. I would create a budget and then set my find to finding the work to make the budget work versus seeing my income and making a budget. This is kind of the same thing. I want to create a vision of my life and then create a plan to make it happen. It’s just how I work best.

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