Car versus House

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My last post about the current situation stirred up a lot of comments on options. And things I should do. And, of course, lots of discourse over me being unrealistic and wrong.

Here’s the deal. Personal finance is persona for a reason. And while I greatly appreciate constructive criticism and guidance, shaming me for my priorities and choices, well, really?

So let’s clear some things up and share a bit more…

The House

Before I turned 18, I had moved 18 times. And it’s at least double that now. Being “homeless” especially now that it’s just me, does not scare me. I’m well versed in moving around, I do have family and friends who would house me, and if anyone has been around a while, the idea of living in my car is not one I’m opposed to, it’s even one I have considered quite often over the last 5 years as travelling is in my blood. While it’s not something I want to be forced into, the idea is not a terrible one.

I love my house. But moving and travelling is literally in my blood. While it’s not the choice I want to make right now, it doesn’t frighten me.

And frankly, there are lots of options for car camping that excite me. So all the naysayers concerned about what my kids think of me not having the house…well, they have always known it was something I considered post kid raising. And frankly, none of them especially the younger three want to return to this town I live in. They often encourage me to sell and move somewhere…anywhere.

The Car

As for selling my car, it’s paid for, reliable and has almost 100K miles on it. A quick review of provided value, puts a private party sell bringing me between $12-15K. (I have a 2018 Honda HRV and I adore it, there is no other car more perfect for me and my lifestyle. Well, other than the Honda Element which they stopped making.)

I’m sorry, the math just isn’t mathing to me to make selling my car that I MUST have for any work since there is no public transportation here. Not to mention Beauty uses the same car to get her to school and work as well.


Now insurance is a whole other conversation. And I’m working on it.

Beauty shares my car, lives with, and has to remain on the policy. But she only drives the car once or twice a week and never more than a 15 miles round trip (school days.)

Princess car is in my name and she is in school full time. She and I have worked on her budget over the years since she started college and she is paying for everything herself with the exception of her car insurance. She just cannot take on any more this year. Maybe come the summer…but right now, she has 0 capacity for more work, more expenses. And I will do everything in my power to keep her in school. She will graduate in May, 2025.

Gymnast is going to start handling his own costs. We’ve started the conversations and exploring options. This weekend he will look at what it would cost for him to have his own insurance plan. Since his car is in my name, we are still trying to figure out logistics.

There is no easy answer. I cannot just say “okay, start paying”, when they are just getting on their own feet. Or rather I won’t. I’m sorry if that’s not the answer you would choose, but again…personal finance.


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