How to Protect Your Home From Theft This Holiday Season

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The number of theft arrests is alarming. In Pennsylvania, for instance, there were almost 35,000 theft-related arrests in 2019. Nationally, in 2020, police reported over 4.6 million larceny theft cases. These figures highlight the concerning likelihood of becoming a theft victim.

Leaving your home unattended during a long holiday opens up possibilities for burglaries. Thieves might break in and take valuable belongings since there’s no one around to stop them. How can you ensure your safety while vacationing in the Bahamas? We’ve crafted this article to offer you some tips for safeguarding your home from theft this holiday season. Here’s how you can protect your home from theft this holiday season.

1. Install Cameras

First up, think about getting a front door camera. It keeps an eye on your porch and alerts you if someone’s around or trying to get in. Having surveillance like this can scare off burglars and crooks. Plus, if they swipe your packages or break-in, it’ll help the police catch them in a snap. While installing cameras will cost you money, investing in them helps you to protect your valuables as well.

2. Reroute Your Parcel

A clear signal that you’re away is when mail piles up or packages sit untouched on your porch. Thieves keep an eye out for these signs to know nobody’s home. That gives them the green light to break in and leisurely search for valuables to steal. When you’re heading out for a holiday, it’s smart to reroute your packages to a different address instead of your home. Many companies offer online options to switch delivery spots. You also can simply pause deliveries while you’re away and arrange for them to resume when you’re back home safe and sound. According to Statista, there were more than 4.6 million cases of larceny-theft reported in 2020. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Plan deliveries ahead of time!

3. Get Deadbolts

Ever heard of deadbolts? They’re budget-friendly locks perfect for beefing up your door security. When paired with other locks, they provide an extra layer of defense for your home. Intruders will have a tough time cracking them open. Plus, you’ve got choices—mechanical or digital deadbolts—both great at keeping unwanted guests out.

4. Keep the Lights On

When you’re away for a while, it’s smart to avoid signaling to intruders that your house is empty. Keeping lights on at night can help, but leaving them constantly lit might look suspicious during the day. That’s where timers come in handy—they’re automatic and can give a more realistic feel to your home’s activity. For those with Nest home security, connecting TP-Link Kasa products is a nifty option. With Kasa’s smart plug system, manageable through your Nest app, you can control your lights remotely.

5. Lock Your Doors

Before you head off on your holiday, do a thorough check and ensure all your doors are securely locked. If you spot any faulty locks, get them fixed before you leave. It’s crucial to replace any non-functioning locks with new ones. Keep in mind that burglars sometimes use universal garage door openers to break in. According to Bob Vila, a well-insulated garage door can keep your garage 10 to 12 degrees warmer. Not only this, but a well-secured garage can prevent the likelihood of intruders. Set your alarm system to keep them from simply strolling into your garage and taking what they please.

Securing your home costs money, but it’s a worthwhile investment compared to the potential losses from theft. Unfortunately, theft remains a significant issue in the United States, and it’s likely to persist for some time. Thieves tend to go to homes that are easily accessible and without anyone around to stop them. Especially during the holiday season, while we plan our festivities, thieves are also scheming their next burglaries. Taking steps to safeguard your house is crucial, as it could prevent it from becoming their next target.

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