Electric Lawnmower Purchased

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I bit the bullet and purchased a lawn mower. Electric, self propelled, and the right size for my yard. Here she is in all her beauty.

And the guys (my two daughter’s friends) were super excited to try it out. Phew, a few more weeks until I have to start doing it myself.

I greatly appreciate the push toward electric. With the smaller size of my yard, the lower maintenance yard we are working towards, and my angst at having to maintain a lawnmower, this seems to be the solution to all my problems. I deep dived into reviews and was down to the Greenworks and the Ryobi.

I’ve had great success with all my power tools that are Ryobi and it’s available locally, so decided to go that direction. The last decision was self-propelled or not, which was about a $70 difference. I decided to bite the bullet and give myself the easier way out…or so I’ve heard.

It’s so easy to start compared to our previous gas mowers which I always struggled with. And it’s super quite, well, until you start the blades.

And a huge selling point for me was that it folds up so you can store it vertically. Since I have no real storage for outside tools, that will make a huge difference. My carport is already pretty tight so having this stand or hang on a wall, will allow me to still park my car under cover.

That cost $399. By my math, I have to cut my own yard 8 times to make that back since I was previously paying $50 every two weeks for yard maintenance in the summer months.

And frankly, I am not dreading the actual work as much as I was previously. Well, a little bit less.


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