Hope’s Travel Plans and The Garden

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I bet long term readers of BAD saw the title and slapped their foreheads, thinking here we go again. Hope will never learn.

However, I am here to show you differently. For the first time, maybe ever, I have no travel plans for the next 8 months. And that seems like an eternity. (We are going to go to Texas for Thanksgiving this year – driving.)

So with no plans to leave, especially over the summer. It is the perfect year to dig in to my garden. Every year in the past, I have gone somewhere for a week or two, typically Texas, and my garden just falls apart without maintenance and watering and care. But this year…

The long term goal

My long term goal is to create a super low maintenance, mostly edible yard. And this will be the perfect year to reposition and make use of everything I have…3 standing beds, 2 tall raised beds, and 1 typical raised bed. And really make a plan that I can implement over time and as materials are available.

I found this resource on The Soccer Mom Blog while researching plants and positioning and frugal gardening that I thought others mind find helpful if they are interested in frugal gardening.

I have to admit that we don’t eat a great deal of these items. Maybe about 1/2. But I love the idea of having a continuous supply of the ones we do eat. And have already started a few in my kitchen.

I have left over seeds from last year that I’ve started germinating and am following some gardeners on my social media accounts to gain more knowledge. We do eat a TON of veggies and salads so a good garden would really make a difference, and give us more variety than what we currently have. Our baby carrots that I planted last year are in use now so I’ll definitely replant them. And I am the queen of growing tomatoes. But would really like to be more successful at the vining veggies and fruits. And if I can, I hope to plant some berry bushes and maybe fruit trees (maybe).

If we could eat mostly from our own garden this year and just purchase eggs, chicken, and bacon…that would be amazing. We shall see. (I typically don’t eat as heavy during the summer so a good breakfast plus a salad with protein will be perfect for hot summer days.)



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