So Much to Consider

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As you have seen from my Tough Decisions and Selling the House posts and the comments, the way forward is not so cut and dry as looking at the numbers. I sincerely appreciate all the constructive feedback and ideas. The BAD community has given me lots to think about.

And I will think about all of it, I promise.

The girls and I enjoyed quiet Thanksgiving Day together. And used our Christmas decorations to shoot some social media images for a client of mine. Work and food.

Here are a Couple of Actions Planned for December

Creating a variety of versions of my resume with a concentration on several roles. I have been advised to use an AI tool to help with this. Thoughts?
Continuing to drop in on local businesses a few couple days of week with a flyer regarding my contract services.
I’ve been collecting business cards at local festivals and holiday shows and plan on emailing/contacting small business owners after a cursory review of their digital business to see if I can’t drum up some website and/or social media work.
It’s time for me to concentrate on being more social. Which I hate. But the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” holds a lot of weight, so I need to share my need and reconnect with people from my past.
I am also going to work on creating some digital products to explore selling them online. Little to no cost, and frankly I will enjoy the work during my down time. I have WAY too much time on my hands these days.
Making a list of everything that will need to be done to the house if I decided to: 1) sell it, 2) rent out a room, or 3) rent out 2 rooms and move out myself. (This third option both scares and excites me at the same time, I appreciate the commentor who brought it up.)

Not Giving Up

I do have to say that one commentor said “give up your dreams” and that started a fire in me. I will never give up my dreams. Even though I’m not quite sure what my dreams are right now. But giving up on them, once I figure them out is not going to happen.

I realize I need to focus on my more practical decisions right now. But giving up on my dreams…nope. I will never do that and I would never say that to anyone. Is life really worth living without a dream, a purpose, something to strive for? I think not.


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