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As you know, I am looking for any and all ways to make money. Prolific research surveys is one of my more recent attempts. Here’s my initial review after one day on the site.

Sign Up

Sign up was super easy. The technology was seamless, easy to do on a phone or a computer, and didn’t take too long. My only caveat is that the first time I attempted to join, they essentially said they weren’t looking for any more participants and put me on a wait list.

Thankfully, I got an email within 24 hours of that initial inquiry that they were open to more participants and I jumped in.

First Day Participation

I spent a good hour on the site my first day. This included time to take some of their “vetting” surveys which you do not get paid for and then about 10 paid research surveys. The technology was SO EASY and clean. I love clean feel of their site.

You pick a survey, agree to the terms, and get started. You do have to make sure you have your prolific id and such as they take anonymity pretty seriously. And make sure you are choosing studies that are accessible on whatever your device is. I tried some on my phone that required desktop and that will disqualify you although for the most part, the tech caught me and pushed back. (It was an honest mistake in this case, but a good test.)

Most of the surveys are mindless. Like you could sit in front of the TV with you computer and just survey away. I had plenty to do.

Later that Day

I jumped back on later on my first day, and there were no surveys available. So I don’t know if I’ve been vetted out of a bunch of them or if it was just late in the day so typical researchers weren’t submitting new ones. This might indicate that later in the day is not a good time to try this one.


For my full hour of work, I earned right at $6.50. And that did include some non-paid time for the vetting surveys. A little disappointing. But it was so easy and such a nice tech experience, I will spend some more time here and see if I can up my income.

I haven’t tried cashing out yet. In some cases, you have to wait for your submission to be approved for payment.

Overall Review

I LOVE the experience on this site. It’s clean, easy, and straightforward. And it’s true research which is way more comfortable to me versus playing games to get to certain levels. I am hopeful I can make some decent money for an hour or two of work each day, but it may be limited by being able to work during the day when researchers are active. Only time will tell.

I’ll continue trying it out for the next couple of weeks and report back. If you try it out, let me know your thoughts and any tips or tricks you may have learned.




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