The reserves are now empty…

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Since July of last year, I have gone from a significant and steady full time income to 7 months at a 30% reduction from that full time number.

On February 23rd, I became unemployed with income of just a few hundred dollars for that next month.

In mid-March, I started a part time job at $25 per hour, less than a 1/3 of my typical hourly rate. Bringing in right around $2,000 per month. (I do have to say that I LOVE this job. Very, very much. And I love the owner whom I get to work with. It has been such a refreshing change for me. And I come to an office every day.)

And then last week, took on another part time job at $40 per hour a little less than 2/3 of my typical hourly rate. (No payment yet.)

But with all that said…the reserves are completely dry. And as of last week, I am late on my first bill after 9 months of being under and un-employed.

Not panicking

And I have to say, I am not worried. I know this will all work out.

But my gut reaction…I am so freaking proud of myself! Anyone who has followed me knows that my financial life, especially when it comes to have savings has been a nightmare for the most part. But guys, I had enough in savings to make it through 9 months.

I’m continuing to look for side work, pick up website design for people, and applying via Upwork for contract/freelance gigs.

Less to worry about

Another side of this is that my obligations are lessening. The twins have moved away, back to Virginia. Princess is pretty much supporting herself. And we are just six weeks away from Gymnast moving.

Loaded and ready for her first roadtrip – Texas bound!

Oh, and my sister visited and fell in love with one of my dogs…so I have gone from 7 dogs, to 6 (Princess’ Chihuahua passed a month-ish ago), and now to 5.

I know these are not significate cost savings for me. But they are definitely burdens off my shoulders mentally. And that helps. Turning the corner and my best not to dig too deep of a hole while I get back on my feet.

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