Going to Texas – Last Minute Decision

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Previously, I indicated that I had no plans to travel again until November. And then I’m planning to drive to Texas with one if not both of my daughters for Thanksgiving. Well, I lied. Or rather, this wasn’t my idea. And I’m not paying for it (just so we are clear from the beginning.)

Last weekend, a friend and I drive to Charlotte (just under 3 hour drive from me) for a Tiny House Exhibition at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was super cool. There were a couple of dozen of conversion vans, skoolies, and tiny houses to explore. It definitely got my mind a-whirling with ideas.

It was sooo cool to go and see, and have such a fun adventure with my friend. But back to the point of this post…

There’s a Sale, Want to Come

While we were on the road driving up to Charlotte, my dad texts and offers to fly Princess and I down to Texas between her school semesters if we wanted to come. Evidently Southwest was doing a sale if you purchased flights with points, and he is the king of collecting points for all of our travels. (I didn’t read the text while I was driving; however, I did have my friend read it to me as I never know what my dad will need so I try to be really responsive.)

Anyways, I immediately called Princess as I know she’s taken a week off work in May and asked if she wanted to spend part of her week in Texas. She was game. So I called dad, gave him the dates and said just book what you can find, we are flexible within these dates. (I will have to take off from my catering coordinator job, but will work my other job while travelling with ease.)

By the time, we got to Charlotte I had flight information in my email. Next month, Princess and I will spend 4 days in Texas. It also happens to be the week of her birthday. That will make it extra special for her and Gymnast to get to be together. And I am thrilled to get to see my baby boy.

I realize that my freedom to travel at will, whether a day trip to Charlotte or a 4 day trip to Texas will come to an end in the not so distant future when Beauty moves out. But I am SO SO grateful for the freedom that having her here to watch and feed the dogs provides.

Sidenote: Beauty and her boyfriend went to Texas last month. That is why she is not going on this trip. 

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