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I mentioned a week or so ago, that one of the ways I was trying to come up with some cash to catch up on bills was selling my diamond jewelry from my ex-husband. I got a lot of flack for my ignorance about it’s value. In all, honesty, I had no clue what to expect. I didn’t think it would go up in value, but I didn’t think it would be essentially worthless.

The local pawn shop offered for $120 and the local jewelry store only buys jewelry based on it’s gold weight. (I don’t know if it all being white gold mattered.)

Well, rather than just give up as I have in the past, I determined that it was time to let it go and sell it.

Enter Facebook Marketplace.

Just List It

I figured with the holiday season upon us, I might could sell it. So I listed all but one of the sets on Facebook Marketplace along with some, admittedly pretty bad pictures. Evidently, my prices were too high. All I got were the spam responses offering me above asking, etc. We all hear the horror stories.

I simply responded Cash Only and never heard from them again.

Several days later, I lowered the prices significantly. I was just ready for it to all be gone.

Lower Prices

As soon as I lowered the prices, the offers on the engagement ring began rolling in. And if I hadn’t accepted an offer pretty quickly for $350, I would have gotten more. But I honored the first deal and the woman showed up as we agreed and brought cash. Utility disconnect averted!

The other items are still listed for what I consider reasonable prices. They are all white gold with real diamonds. (The jeweler and pawn shop did confirm this. And I have the receipts from when it was purchased.)

I’m just going to let them right for the next couple of weeks and see if I get any bites.

Personal Note

I held onto this jewelry with the thought that Gymnast or Princess would inherit it someday. But after asking them, they were both adamantly opposed to wanting anything from their dad. There is one set I’m keeping for a particular reason for them, but these pieces are all just reminders of his violence toward me.

I thought I would feel relief, maybe even joy once the engagement ring sold. But I pulled back up to the house and just sobbed. Overwhelmed, by deep sadness which shook me. I called my best friend because the emotion confused me. And what she said made sense…I wasn’t grieving him or the end of the marriage (over 16 years ago,) but rather the loss of that dream of happily ever after the ring had represented.


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