The First Opportunity of 2024 – Heat

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I can’t remember if I wrote about my heat going out on 12/22, the morning after History Buff arrived for Christmas.

Thankfully things worked out in my favor and we had heat for Christmas.

First, I had been in touch with my trusted HVAC person in the fall to have him check out my AC. He tested it out for me and let me know that he was shutting down his business. Thankfully, I asked them for a referral to a new service. Although, I had yet to contact them.

So when I awoke to no heat, I called them immediately. And gratefully, he came out that day AND I received a check from a client that day.

$180 and we had heat for Christmas.

He did warn me that he wasn’t sure how long it would last. It lasted almost 2 weeks, until this morning. We woke up to 59 degrees in the house and 28 degrees outside.

I wish we had a fireplace. Our home is small enough that it would heat the entire thing easily.

Not Going to Panic

My first thought was panic. I have $100 in savings and about $50 cash. No money for a new furnace, let alone another repair bill.

But this is a new year and I’m determined to have a new attitude and outlook. So we are looking at this as an opportunity. Not sure what for, but there’s going to be a lesson and a blessing from this. I just have to watch for them!

I’ve contacted the new HVAC contractor again. (And have gotten additional recommendations for him since I used him last month, so I’m feeling good about being in the right hands.) And they are going to go take a look while I’m at work today. We will see what they have to say.

No More Debt

One of my Not Going to Happens for 2024 is no new debt. What do I do here?

I have a soft estimate for a new furnace at $2,600. Waiting on a firm quote from the contractor. Needless to say, I do not have that.

Here are the options I think I have. I’m happy to hear if you have other thoughts:

Borrow some electric space heaters and save til I have enough for a replacement.
See if they can patch my existing unit and if I can afford that to make it through this year. (I’m not hopeful this is an option, but I have to consider everything.)
Ask a friend/family member to put it on a credit card, giving me 30 days to come up with the money to pay it off. This is too close to more debt in my mind.
See if the contractor offers a payment plan. Again, more debt that I do not want to take on.

I am leaning toward option #1 and plan to start making some calls this afternoon. If we weren’t at the very beginning of winter, we would just make it through, and I would have the year to save for a new one. But this winter is supposed to be a cold one. And nights are in the 20-30’s and days in 40-50’s for the foreseeable future.

But I am grateful…I sleep for 4 big dogs. I am plenty warm at night. And Beauty has a new heated blanked on her bed so she’s cozy as well. Grateful for little things in the face of this.


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