Pay More on Less or Less on More?

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Things are bad around here. I’m starting to get shut off notices from utilities and so on. I found myself Googling things like:

What jobs pay $200,000 per year

How far behind can I get on my mortgage before they foreclose

How far behind can I get on a car payment before they repossess

And I’ve been multiple places, jewelers that buy jewelry and pawn shops, trying to sell my “blood diamonds”. That’s what I call all the really expensive gold/diamond jewelry that my ex-husband would give me whenever he hit me as an apology. Evidently jewelry is not worth anything. So I still have it all. (I’ve sold all the “just gold” in the past when things were tight. But I hate to just give this jewelry away. I have the receipts, I know what was paid for it. Any suggestions for selling diamond jewelry but not giving it away? (I do have it all listed on Facebook Marketplace.)

I actually felt a little better after my night of Googling because I think I have at least through the holidays. With this paycheck I’m catching up enough on utilities to not get them shut off before Thanksgiving.

My Question

Here’s my question. Is it better to pay a little on a lot of bills or pay a lot on a single bill?

I’ve just been flying by the seat of my pants in what I pay. Prioritizing those that are about to get shut off or cut off or…you know what I mean. Thank God, that’s been enough to keep anything from getting shut off up until now.

But the reality is my car insurance bill is more than 1/2 my take home pay right now. And that doesn’t leave enough for my mortgage, utilities, food, etc. Then don’t get me started on minimum debt payments.

So my question is…

Do I pay a little on a lot of things and hope they will see that as effort? Or do I just pay a lot on the big things?

Any way you look at it, if I don’t start getting some serious cash flow coming in, January will be full of hard decisions.

Update on<-link to my review on making money on Free Cash

I mentioned that I expected to have made about $75 for some the of the challenges I completed during my first hour on Free Cash but that it could take them 10 days to verify completion. Well, that $75 did hit my Free Cash account and I officially made $77.66 my first hour on that site.

Now I don’t know if that is something I can maintain as it has been challenging to find Offers/Surveys on the site that I qualify for or that I will do. Many of them require you to play games to a certain level. And I haven’t tried those yet because gaming is not really my thing and trying to get to Level ???, well, I’m not sure how long that could take.

But I am trying out some other recommended survey sites, etc. at night and will be posting some additional reviews and earnings over the next month.


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