How’s the Part Time Job Going?

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Back in December, I was hired on at a local fast food restaurant as their Catering Coordinator. But after I was offered the position, it kind of stagnated. I was actually kind of grateful as I was worried that it would take away from my time with the kids over the holidays. So while I could have used the income, I appreciated the time with the kids.

January 2nd, I had my orientation with the owner and store manager. And a week later, I had my training with the Director of Sales. And then I hit the ground running. They just kind of let me lose to figure it out. Not complaining at all. This was a role for them and it immediately felt like a perfect fit for me.

I am loving it. However, the income is not really worth mentioning. Yes, I know every bit counts. To date of this publication, I have worked a little over 16 hours and made about $150. They are also reimbursing me for my mileage when I take catering deliveries but I am not counting that as income.

Growing the Position

I get to make my own schedule based on catering orders. Work with a fantastic group of adults and teens. And really enjoy the work. It’s really the perfect “add-on” job. I do a lot of planning, prepare what I can in advance, and when I am available (which is currently always) work in store helping when they are busy or delivering catering orders.

As hard as losing my part time job was, I am so grateful to have this opportunity. Who knew that returning to where I first started working would be so fulfilling!

Because this is a new role, the management team has been really open to my suggestions on how I want to operate. And it’s nice to hear “job well done” on a regular basis after such a challenging year with job loss.

(At the time of writing, I preparing to work a big catering event for the Tim Tebow “Night to Shine” event. Super excited!)


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