New Clothes Needed

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“Elevated” business casual is the description my boss gave me this week when he spoke to me about my clothes since the weather has turned warmer. (Via a text message.)

And I had to agree that my “summer” wardrobe for work is lacking. The colder months were fine as I have a good 4-5 sweaters that I just rotate through. And I have 4 pairs of the same pair of slacks that I rotate through. But shirts…well, I’ve lived in tank tops the last several years. And tank tops are not acceptable, which I concur, in a fast food restaurant.

I’ve been on the hunt for a short sleeve shawl of some sort so that I can elevate, ie cover my tank tops, and make them acceptable. But all I’m finding are bathing suit cover ups which are not right.

So this past week, as we had to make a mid-week run to Walmart, I found a solution for $11!

This image is linked to a similar dress, but I don’t think it’s the same one as mine has pockets. But it’s pretty close.

While I’d prefer not to wear a dress to work, this will tide me over for a little while and give me time to find a “shawl” that is acceptable. (I’m only there a 2-4 hours, 3-4 days a week. I don’t mind wearing the thing multiple days in a row.)

And the best part is that after work on Friday, I changed shoes, added some jewelry and was ready for a night out. (Pictured.)

I avoid clothes shopping unless absolutely necessary. I am perfectly content with the wardrobe I own. It’s been kept quite minimalist since we moved from our house to the 900 square foot apartment, then to the camper some years back. And, of course, I am the queen of purging!

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