Hope’s Debt Update – May, 2024

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Starting to see and feel the progress. But I didn’t hit my goals exactly. Here are the current numbers.

Debt DescriptionOctober, 2023 TotalInterest RateMinimum PaymentCurrent Total Payoff Date (Est)

CC – Amazon$1,49729.99%$48$743June, 2024

Personal Loan #1$2,5000%$500 (beg April)$1,000July, 2024

Personal Loan #2$2,5000%$500 (beg April)$1,500August, 2024

CC – Wander$1,63029.24%$75$1,605September, 2024

Dad – New Furnace$2,6000%$500 (beg July)$2,600
December, 2024

CC – Frontier$3,85729.99%$131$3,530

CC – USAA$5,00019.15%$135$2,742

Car Loan$19,58112.69%Gymnast Pays$16,038

Student Loans$22,1212.875%In Deferrment$22,541

CC – Apple**$500Paid off every month$0

CC – AMEX$89429.24%$0$0Mar, 2024

CC – Sams$1,10629.99%$0$0April, 2024


The Details

I realize it doesn’t look like I did too much this month. However, there are somethings that these numbers don’t tell you.

My USAA CC was paid off in it’s entirety, so no interest charged. But then turned around and used it, thus the balance is lower but still significant. But it didn’t cost me anything this month. Woot, woot! Details: My auto insurance is set to auto-draft from this account which is how it’s been for a long time, and takes care of the monthly payment too.

I had a list of car maintenance I needed to do which I have been slowly chipping away at. It has new filters (did it myself so no labor,) had the coolant service, the transmission service, the serpentine belt replace, and just have a couple more things to do. Hopefully by June, all the 100K maintenance things will be ticked off. Just a sidenote: always check your mechanics bill. I am supposed to get free tire rotations since I purchased the tires from them (a couple years back.) They charged me for it this time and I didn’t catch it. It’s a pain to try to get a refund especially since an hour’s drive there so dealing with it over the phone.

Focus on Savings

Beauty and I had some money talks this week. She’s itching to get a car again, get out on her own again. Thankfully she’s slowing down and trying to make better decisions this time around. She’s more willing to listen. And she’s savings, albeit forced by me. But I believe she’s seeing how easy it is and how much confidence it gives her. And how it doesn’t hurt to save. You’ve just got to do it. I’m so proud of her.

On the other hand, I need to take my own advice, and slow down too. I’ve got to save better!

Princess and Gymnast (and the twins even) were forced to save 10% of all their income growing up. And as of right now, I would say that lesson has stuck a bit, especially with the younger two. They are doing so well on their own with their money. I can honestly say, they both know more about money at 18 and 19, then I did at 30-40. Giving myself a pat on the back for that. Their eyes are wide open. And this case knowledge truly is power.

But, back to me…

For the last couple of months, my focus has been digging out of my hole from the last year. And I’ve failed miserably to save.

But that stops now. With my next income…June, I plan to implement the same rule on myself. 10% of all income will go right into savings, not to be touched. This means, my debt pay off will slow down just a little bit. But I will build that cushion/safety net back up.

That’s where we are at now.


Work is holding steady. I absolutely LOVE both of my jobs. And I’m feeling pretty confident that my 6 month contract will get extended. The owner asked me last week what I was wanting to go full time. So we shall see!? Keeping my fingers crossed.



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