Going from hourly to salary but still part time

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My boss has offered me a salary of $35,000 annually with a set number of responsibilities versus hours. I will control my own schedule and will have consistent income. Even though it’s not enough to cover my bills, having the consistent income will help with my planning AND my anxiety.

There are firm weekly, monthly, and quarterly deadlines. But for the most part the work is pretty flexible. Who knew I would enjoy bookkeeping, accounts payable, payroll, and tax returns so much!?! Having worked doing this work since March, I am confident that the hours to pay ratio is fair.

And she is willing and even encouraging me to make full use of the office and resources here as I get more work. I am so grateful for her understanding.

I have had over ½ dozen interviews in the last couple of weeks and then just silence. I don’t understand it.
Not to be cocky, but I’ve rarely interviewed and not gotten an offer. And then all the reschedules…people ask for an interview and then just minutes before or even 10 minutes after the designated time, they will cancel or just not show up. It’s such a new world. And it’s not pleasant for the job hunter.

I have no idea what is coming, but I know God has a plan in all this. So I will keep rolling with it, treading water until I get back on firm ground again. (Bills are behind now, but based on my forecasting, I think I can keep my head above water…nothing should hit the 30 day mark.) *crossing my fingers and still focused on looking for more work

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