An Entire Year

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On February 23, 2024, it will be an entire year since I had a full time job. And over a year and a half since I had a full time job with benefits.

I walked into work on January 9th ready to go heads down on tax work and anticipated getting fully caught up over the next couple of months.

And then the other shoe dropped. My boss let me go.

Her reasoning was that she was cutting down her accounting practice so she could handle it independently and she was no longer going to need me. She was kind enough to give me 2 months severance. But all my thoughts of catching up, out the door with no notice whatsoever.

I was shook again!

And with that, it has now been an entire year that I have less than full time income. A whole year of not having enough money to even cover my basic bills.

Holding My Breathe

I had a whole slew of posts planned talking about how my No Spend Month was going and what debts I was going to pay with the extra income I was making…But all I could do was turn inward again and start holding my breathe. I had literally just caught up. I came into the year so full of hope.

And then the cycle started all over again. I mean, seriously, how many times do I have to go through this. And why me?

And while I do not tend to be superstitious, I have definitely found that the hard things do come in three’s. First my heat went out, then I lost my job…

And within a couple of days, my glasses broke. Just fell to pieces. And no, I cannot function without them. I literally cannot see. It was a rough week.

Typical me, I turned inward and went silent. Licking my wounds and trying to figure out the reasoning behind this.


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