In an Ideal World

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When I first began interviewing for my new job, I knew I was going to have to negotiate a salary. And for the first time ever, I left my heart out of it. I did not focus on how much the business could afford or being reasonably priced to get the job.

I knew I wanted this job. But I also have finally learned my own worth. I have 20+ years experience in my field, extensive amounts of study, skills, certifications, and testimonials. I bring a lot to the table professionally.

But I have always SUCKED at figuring out what to charge for my services. And notoriously I have low balled because of my empath tendencies and lack of confidence, but I was determined not to do that this time. Or ever again.

So I started with a budget. In an ideal world, pie in the sky, what do I NEED to bring home and what do I WANT to bring home financially. Obviously, we all want to bring home a million dollars a year. Or even $200,000. However, this budget was based on my needs and then my wants. And being reasonable.

This is what I came up with.

Ongoing Expenses

PayeeMonthly Amt










Cloud Storage$6

Car Insurace$500


QuarterlyMonthly Amt

Pest Control$27

Car Maintenance$100

AnnualMonthly Amt



Social Curator$25


Microsoft Office$9

Dog Health$100

Ongoing Mo Expenses$3,196

Debt Pymts$2,744

Monthly Must Have$5,940

Savings GoalsMonthly Amt


Kid’s Birthdays$84


New Car$300


Savings Goal$1,468

Monthly Want to Have$7,408

Ideal Income

This led me to the starting point of my salary negotiation.

I must make $3,916 for just day to day living expenses + $2,744 to keep making minimum+ payments on my debt (i.e. make progress to paying it off) = $5,940 per month take home pay.

I want to make an additional $1,468 per month to hit my savings goals, which equaled $7,408 per month in take home pay.

Knowing that I needed to leave room for negotiation and being a contractor which adds additional taxes to my income, I started my salary negotiation at $10,000 per month. And praying to hit $8,000.

As we talked hours, availability, job description, terms, we finally settled on the $6,000 figure for 20 hours per week per month for 6 months.

I was so freaking happy after this past year. And so immensely proud of myself.

The Start of Something New

I am now two weeks into my new role, and I LOVE it. My brain is being challenged again. I am getting to help build a team. And we are striving to hit BIG GOALS. And the owner/my boss is an amazing human to work for and someone I really admire professionally. (We worked together several years ago.)

I am praying that this role will continue, but it is certainly dependent on me meeting some lofty goals. I’m up for it though. But either way, I just know that this is the start of something new for me. And the mental health affect of this new job, challenge, especially after last year has been amazing. It’s so nice to be so motivated and hopeful again.

If you are an expert at salary negotiation, I would love your feedback. Because I am really bad at it. Really bad. But this was a really big step for me.

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