Let the Summer of Focus Begin

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The coming months stretch out before me – no adventures planned. A focus on work, my home, and my finances. All the kids have stable work, chasing their dreams. Two of the dogs should be moving in with different kids next month, taking me from 5 to 3. Woot, woot!

This month I will begin negotiations to take my now part time COO job and make it full time. I believe there’s pretty high chance of this happening before fall. And I am so excited.

Me at dinner with Gymnast when I was in Texas a couple of weeks ago. He took me out for Mother’s Day!

I plan to continue my part time job at the local fast food restaurant. My duties have expanded from just catering coordinator to running their social media and doing a good bit of strategic marketing for them. It’s the perfect fit for my lifestyle and works nicely with my other job.

Reset and Refocus

With these two jobs keeping me plenty busy, I’ve let my personal consulting firm lag quite a bit. I haven’t had a web presence up for over two years now. But as of this week, that ends! I’ve negotiated with my primary role to take advantage of the new CRM we are launching and set up my own funnel and email marketing campaigns.

To be honest, I have no idea what I am going to sell, but the goal is to make is relatively passive with minimal day to day interaction. I’ve been brainstorming different courses I could offer, memberships, or even some sort of DIY guidance in setting up a digital presence.

I’ve got hundreds of emails from past clients and people who have expressed interest in my talents over the years, just trying to think through the best way to capitalize on that.

So we shall see. I don’t have to rush it, but I’m excited to let my creative juices flow without the pressure of “needing” this income stream right now.

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